What’s Cooking?

In many schools across America food is delivered to lunchrooms and reheated. In some cases the food comes straight from the deep fryers of fast-food restaurants. Since 2004, Acre Real School Lunch™ has been cooking everything from scratch using only the best ingredients. Our friendly staff is always present in the lunchroom to uphold our high standards and assure everyone’s satisfaction.

Britt Galler is our Executive Chef and the creator of our school lunch menus. She starts with the tastes kids like and trust and applies a healthy approach to cooking. You won’t find deep fryers in Acre kitchens! Our daily offerings include housemade soups, our signature Rainbow Salad Bar and a 10-Week Menu filled with time-tested and student-approved favorite entrees. We deliver a delicious, balanced meal for all palates!

Britt Galler - Executive Chef

Acre Real School Lunch™; A Positive Change

Our tried and true signature lunch options offer diversity, while still being familiar and accessible to less adventurous palates. We are committed to cooking with seasonal ingredients and are enthusiastic supporters of our local food growers and purveyors. We strive for a minimally processed menu, relying upon simple and popular “cooked from scratch” meals. 


Guiding Menu Principles

  • Cook food from scratch

  • Offer a wide variety of healthy choices within each meal that appeal to a younger palate

  • Change the menus regularly, and embrace cultural diversity and international flavors

  • Pay special attention to alternative options, and accommodate all dietary & allergy concerns

  • Support and use the best local and organic ingredients whenever possible

  • Use grass-fed meat and free-range poultry, free of hormones and antibiotics

  • Use only natural, non-hydrogenated oils in our cooking and dressings

  • Prepare foods that are low in sugar and free of trans fats

Goals for a Better Food Culture

  • Educate through the experience of eating real food, in its true season, on a daily basis

  • Empower good personal food choices by allowing everyone to serve themselves

  • Share a common meal to promote collegiality, conversation, and friendship

  • Consciously integrate sustainable principles into the school curriculum including student farm visits, school gardens and inspiring guest speakers

  • Respect the environment through sustainable practices like our full composting/recycling program that aims for ‘zero waste’ - including food waste


School Catering Services

All of the care and attention Acre puts toward our lunch program is carried through to our catering services. An added benefit of the Real School Lunch™ program is the on-site catering consultant that you will now have at your school. We are experienced caterers, and are happy to provide service for events of any size — from morning meeting coffee to a Board of Trustees plated dinner. Our school administrators appreciate the quality of our service and the ease of ordering.

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